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Arti has done a fantastic job in designing our office making optimum utilisation of the space and creating a beautiful décor which has been appreciated by both our visiting clients and staff. I must compliment her creative sense and thank her for the efforts in making us standout among other offices in the building. A job well done at a very competitive price!
AK, Founder and CEO, Beryllus Capital
Beryllus Capital, Office, London
Arti Sen has worked in our office and later as an independent architect and interior designer,our firm has referred projects to her.With her hard work and attention to detail she has capably executed these projects.We wish her every success for the future.
SJK, SJK Architects
We were very happy with the outcome and were especially pleased with the layout and proficient use of space giving the office a spacious feel.She has been extremely dedicated and committed and has helped us with design issues apart from her normal scope of work.We wish her all the best for the future.
AS, SP Sanghi
Church Gate
Arti Sen was the architect for the reconstruction of the our flat. She designed and oversaw the work done on our flat and we were happy with the results,especially the way it blended spatially with our old flat adjoining it. We wish her every success for the future.
SK, Residence
Cuffe Parade
Arti Sen takes pains to explore several alternatives in tackling a space.She also displayes high levels of sincerity and was hardworking and meticulous in her efforts.It was a pleasure working with her.
PW, Residence
We got in touch with Arti purely by good luck! We wanted a home that captured all the beautiful memories of Japan…What we loved about working with Arti was her patience to listen to all our ideas and apply unbelievable creativity & inspiration to our floor plan. We wanted a house that was open and had a feeling of light and space everywhere . She is resourceful , responsible , open and creative. She had made a drawing of the house as it would look like as she started working on it – and to our delight the execution in reality matched her vision perfectly.
NS, Residence
Pebble Bay 2
The space planning of the office was worked out efficiently giving a sense of openness and maximising natural light for the workstations. We found her sincere in her design inputs and efforts to add character to the space including the positioning of our company artwork at appropriate locations on the interior walls. We wish her all the best for the future.
VS, Airtel
Arti’s challenge was to design a ‘bare-bones office’ and transform it into a manageable, modern work-space with a short timeline and a limited budget. Arti offered us a personable and professional service that was flexible and responsive to our input. She helped us incorporate our brand colours appropriately into the space and successfully delivered a commercial space which is a bright, pleasant environment to work in.
KS, Yeahpoint
Arti was hired at the last minute as we realised that running a growing business and designing a studio at the same time was too much to handle. We felt like we gave Arti an almost impossible task of designing a studio with a tight deadline and an even tighter budget but Arti was really creative and efficient. We dont think we could have done it without Arti.
DW, Breathe Pilates
Breathe Pilates
Arti’s creativity and technical knowledge of space opened up creative possibilities we did not imagine our home could offer! Her sense of space and her architectural background made our home miraculously look like a serene haven as she creatively managed to get the “outside greenery into the inside” She has a keen eye for finding art and artefacts that enhance spaces and her use of colours really breathes stylish life into spaces. We love it! Coming back home never fails to feel like a much looked forward to treat! Thank you Arti!
KA, Residence
Pebble Bay
I met Arti just at the perfect time. She recommended a builder who was able to see the scope of work. She provided us with a no obligation estimate and the required sketches. I cannot recommend Arti’s services highly enough. She is professional, with an excellent understanding of a client’s requirements, has great instincts and commitment to the job. I will definitely be contacting Arti again for any future updates we would like for our house.
MH, Residence
North London
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